The Algarve coast, spanning 150 km, from Vila Real de Santo António, near the Spanish border, to Cape St Vincent, the westernmost point of southern Europe, enchants us with its beautiful and never-ending golden sand beaches, warm temperatures during the winter months and long, hot days and nights in the Summer. 
We provide transportation 4 times a day from the complex to the beach or to the town centre, which is only 2 km away.


» ALBUFEIRA, at the heart of Algarve boasts excellent restaurants, shops, clubs and nightlife.
» Golf
» Water Parks and Shows
» Rent-a-Car
» Jeep Safari
» Fishing and boat tours
» Horse riding
»Sightseeing Tours



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Choromar-Apartamentos Turísticos
(Albufeira e Olhos de Água)
Montechoro - Information

Rental of Holiday Tourism Apartments

Urbanização Expansão Norte Lote 22 Montechoro
( Albufeira e Olhos de Água )
289 588 207
289 588 185